The Best is Yet to Come

April 16, 2014

we live on a beautiful planet, am i right? the special things that God created for our pleasure are to be celebrated and appreciated. sadly, we also live in a very corrupted world. it's all too easy to become swept up in the current of this society; to believe that this is it. we as Christians should be foreigners in the world. this is not our home - we are only visiting. 

please don't get the impression that we should be taking a leisurely vacation. this is a business trip! there is much work to be done for the kingdom - there are millions of souls that need to be saved. 

the best is yet to come. we're headed home after a long time away. it's a nice trip here, but i'm willing to bet that Heaven is so much better. 

xo eliza

(image via papery rain)

Color of the Year

April 15, 2014

um. yeah - i'm going to be a bit bold today. if you know anything about me, let it be this: i have an unhealthy obsession with neutral makeup. i mean, it's getting to the point where my eyeshadow palette that has tons of beautiful colors in it has maybe four or five colors actually used. i'm about to hit pan on my browns and grays, while lovely purples and blues get the cold shoulder. (or maybe the cold eyelid? no?) 

because of this you can understand why i've held off so long on doing this post. i had wanted to a while ago but some little old lady in the back of my brain said "oh my goodness, those colors are really bright - better not!" (a little disclaimer - while i am going to try and experiment with my color choices a bit in the future, i still love my handy dandy taupes and chocolates best!) finally i just decided to go with it.

it's such a beautiful color. it's flattering on all skin tones. it makes your eyes look bright and your teeth look white. any questions? to dip my toes in the world of purple i've been using my almay eyeliner (i did a review a while back!) with some purple-ish shadow. to anyone other than me it looks brown, but for miss safe over here it's a pretty big swap! maybe i just have to step outside of my smokey-eye comfort zone.

would you ever wear orchid? if so, which feature would you rock it on? sound off in the comments!

xo eliza

(images, first to last, via pinterestcolores de carol, makeup minxthe berry)

Food & Fashion // 03

April 14, 2014

mint is such a pretty color, especially for spring. honestly i have never really loved the taste of mint - in small doses i don't mind (and i love junior mints somehow!) but too much makes me feel like i'm eating toothpaste. maybe it's another case of "eliza's weird food ideas". (i have several - including my rule that no foods can touch, pizza must be dipped in caesar dressing, and that only the top half of the banana is edible. odd, i know!)

somehow i got on a monologue about food. moving right along, i do love mint and camel together. it's an unexpected and yet altogether welcome combination.

xo eliza

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